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Wilma van den Bosch

Who is Wilma van den Bosch?

Wilma (1956) started early drawing from her youth in the Canadian Stevensville. Later on she became a professional artist. For the wekly magazine Donald Duck she prodused strips, cartoons and covers. She worked for Bobo, Tina, the Fabeltjeskrant, the Toonder Company and she created er own cartoon Prinses Aster.
Nowadays Wilma's alter ego - the red-green little monster Ikniet - has adventures on Facebook and Instagram with talking closets, peacefull Vikings and the god of the spring cleaning. Wilma's world was never far away from the joyfull chaos of Jan van Haasteren's puzzles.
In every puzzle a black hand with the text "De Zwarte hand was hier (The black hand was here)" will appear.

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