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Releases 2023

In february the first new image of 2023 will be released in 1000 and 2000 pieces. Drawn by Jan: It's all going downhill (Van onderen).

Next is a puzzle drawn by Dick Heins: Dia de los Muertos in 1000 pieces.

At May 7 (at the Dutch puzzling contest) Rob Derks has revealed a 1000 piece puzzle on the occasion of the 10 year anniversary of the Studio: Jan van Haasteren Studio 10 years. This puzzle will also be in the limited edition box (see specials).

In June (also drawn by Rob) we will have the release of Midsummer Festival in 1000 pieces.

July gives us the release of Celebrate Pride, drawn by Mars Gremmen (1000 pieces) and at the end of the month Dick Heins made Fata Morgana (also 1000 pieces).

In August a new expert puzzle is released: Where is the leak? drawn by Dick in 500 pieces.

In September a new release by Jan himself in 1000 and 2000 pieces will be available: The Cat Pageantry. Also three new junior puzzles will come out: in 150 pieces Treasure Hunt, in 240 pieces The Magician and in 360 pieces The Class Photo.

Th combo box of this year is called Dutch Traditions and contains The Cheese Market by Dick and Sailboat Race by Jan.

The new 500 piece puzzle is called A Woolly Christmas and is drawn by Wilma van den Bosch.

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