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Specials 2022

Trekpleister has the first special of 2022 with Find the Mouse! in 500 pieces.

And they continue with 950 pieces Ascot Horse Race.

The next in line is a regular 1000 piece puzzle: Queued-up!

Kruidvat releases in April Crazy Golf in the 950 series.

In July the garden centre Intratuin has ordered a special on the occasion of her anniversary: Intratuin. The puzzle has been adapted for the company.

In August Kruidvat brings out The Wedding, Rock around the Clock and Happy Birthday in 950 pieces with a new number.

As usual in September Scandinavia has new series of 12 1000 piece puzzles: Boxing Match, The Puzzle Factory, Tour de France, Whacky Water World, Golf, Camping Chaos, The Bandstand, Cars in the Make, Fun around the Pool, Sports Day, New Year Party and The Big Leak.

In New Zealand Holdson released 4 new puzzles with 1000 pieces: Camping in the Forest, Chalk up, Holiday Jitters and The Music Shop.

Kruidvat ordered four 500 piece puzzles (two released before, but now have a new number). The boxes are a bit thinner and smaller: A Dining Disaster, Busy Airport and All at Sea.

At the occasion of the World Championship Soccer in Qatar Jumbo released a special in 1000 pieces, based on Foorball Crazy with some changes: Voetbalkampioenen.

JUmbo released three combo's 2 x 1000 pieces; two are new combinations, one is known allready: On Thin Ice/Eleven City Ice Tour, De Speelgoedwinkel (The Toy Shop)/Rollerdisco and Christmas Mall/Black Friday.

Kruidvat added 2 puzzles to the 950 piece series: The Escape and Some like it Hot.

CBR ordered a special edition (1000 pieces) of Traffic Chaos: CBR Samen veilig vooruit.

At the end of 2022 Holdson (New Zealand) releases 3 mini puzzles (100 pieces): The Riding School, The Sand Pit and The Snowman.

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