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Specials 2023

Kruidvat has the first specials of 2023. In the series with 950 pieces we now have Moving Day, The Tennis Court and Pop Festival.

A special edition of the antique show is Kringloop Spullenhulp in 1000 pieces. And of Queued up! is Poiesz Supermarkten 100 jaar.

At May 7 a limited edition will be released of the largest Jan van Haasteren puzzle with 30.200 pieces, It is a box with 10 3000 piece puzzles, that put together will be one large puzzle with 30.200 pieces.

In June Kruidvat releases 3 more 950 piece puzzles: Fun around the Pool, Deep See Fun and Ballroom Dancing.

In New Zealand a series of four is released: Dia de los muertos, Farm visit, It's all going downhill! and The march.

In September series of 12 re-releases will be available: Motorbike race, Farm Visit,Technical Highlights,The Park,Nijmegen Marches,The Kitchen,The Dogshow,The Golf Course,The Office,Get Well Soon!,Ballroom Dancing, en Safari.

Kruidvat has three re-releases in 500 peaces (just a different number): In the Car Respraying Shop, The Bandstand and The Artists.

At Blokker and Intertoys you can buy a Combo (2x1000 pieces) with De Drogisterij (The Pharmacy) and Het Park (The Park).

Jumbo has her own special (170 years anniversary): Jumbo's Anniversary, drawn by originally Jan, but altered by Mars Gremmen.

Kruidvat has released series of three in 950 pieces: Golf, The Playground and Acrobat Circus.

JvH-puzzels celebrates her five year anniversary with an exclusive puzzle, the first in the series "Oldtimers": Shooting Pool in the first Jumbo version of 1993.

Xenos excists 50 years and comes with a special of Holiday Jitters in 1500 pieces: Xenos.

The Aldi has three 950 piece puzzles: Mudracers, Shop Till you Drop and Neighbours.

Also three 950 piece puzzles at Kruidvat: The Zoo, Lawn Mower Race and The Assembly Line.


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