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Specials autumn 2015

Several specials are made known yet.

Gamma has ordered four new releases in 1250 pieces, two for the end of august  "On the Assembly Line" and "Sportsday" (the old version) and two later (november 9) "Ballroom Dancing" and "Departure Hall".

Formido also releases a  new size, 950 pieces. In september we have two releases in this series "Break a Leg" and "Shop 'till you Drop". The boxes are square and smaller 20,5x20,5x6 cm (about the size of the Crowd Pleasers in the USA). They are for sale in the webshop, pictures below.

The Intertoys combinationbox contains 3 puzzles with 1000 pieces: "Olympics", "United Europe" and "New York Marathon".

The Bankgiroloterij Ordered a special of "By Air, Land and Sea". The puzzle has 1000 pieces, but the box is only 2½ cm thick. You can only win this puzzle at a lottery in the Netherlands, it will not be for sale.

In 2015 Kruidvat  exists 40 years and because of that anniversary the festal puzzle Happy Birthday is changed into "Hoera Kruidvat 40 jaar". It will be available from september 11 on.

Blokker releases a new combo at october 26 with "Flea Market" (500 pieces) and "U.S.A." (1000 pieces).

Bart Smit now also have a special, "Some like it Hot" in 1000 pieces.

In Scandinavia 12 puzzles with 1000 pieces are released: "Some like it Hot", "Crazy Casino", "Break a Leg", "On the Assembly Line", "Neighbours", "The Fire Station", "Streetlife", "Carnival", "Rock around the Clock", "Busy Airport", "At the Gym" and  "Shop till you Drop".

The ANWB releases 2 small puzzles (150 pieces): "Kampeerplezier" (Camping with some differences) and "Verkeerspret" (the image of Traffic Chaos 500 with changes)

At Big Bazar a new kind of inclined box is released with "All Dug Up".

Now available is a greeting card: "Groeten uit Bergen" with a blanc otherside. 

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