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Rob Derks

Rob Derks is one of the artists of Studio Jan van Haasteren.

In addition to the work for the studio Rob also has his own series at Jumbo: Pieces of History. In these series he can demontrate his own creativity to invite us to several moments in our history .

In 2014 a start was made with “The Stone Age” in 500 pieces and “The Vikings” in 1000 pieces, followed by “The Castle” and “The Romans” in 2015 and “The Pirates” at the beginning of 2016, all in 1000 pieces.

In September 2016 “The Wild West" was added, also in 1000 pieces.

In March 2018 "The Egyptians" was released.

See images below.

To find out more about Rob and his artwork, click on this link:


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